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Stopping Cancer at the Start: Looking for New Drugs to Block Tumor Initiation

When a tumor-initiating cell experiences isolation stress, it begins expressing a membrane receptor called LPAR4. This leads the cell to produce a new extracellular matrix full of a protein called fibronectin (FN1), which keeps the cell safe and signals other cells to join. UC San Diego Health Sciences

When cancer cells first form, they become separated from the other cells around them, which starves them of critical oxygen and nutrients. Most cells do not survive this isolation stress, but a s

Why Diabetes Patients Should Be Screened for Liver Disease

The UC San Diego NAFLD Research Center specializes in noninvasive imaging methods for diagnosing and monitoring the disease.

UC San Diego scientists find type 2 diabetes patients show a high prevalence of advanced liver disease, inspiring updates to the national screening guidelines

About 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, with approximately 95% of cases being adult-onset or type 2 diabetes. But blood sugar is not the only thing diabetes patients should be concerned about. Having type 2 diabe

Postdocs Say COVID-19 Has Threatened Faculty Diversity

As academic institutions work to promote faculty diversity, University of California San Diego postdoctoral fellows urge leadership to consider the pandemic’s impact on underrepresented (UR) scientists. In a recent commentary published in Molecular Biology of the Cell, they argue that “academia is at risk of losing a generation of diverse, talented scholars” due to COVID-19.

Fellows of the National Institutes of Health-funded Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA)